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To further increase capacity and facilitate our current ongoing sales growth we have recently installed the latest in CNC panel machining and routering technology and in 2014 built a further 16,000ft2 of factory space at our headquarters and panel manufacturing site in Pocklington, Yorkshire.

Structural Insulated Panels – proven and growing

It is widely believed that Structural Insulated Panels (SIP's) were first used in North America in the early 1950’s, since when they have become well established and a proven construction system. However in the UK they were not introduced until some 30 years later in the 1980's and have not until recently gained significant recognition, still now being referred to as a new concept or "Modern Method of Construction".

Nowadays it is estimated some 50,000 buildings are constructed annually in America using structural insulated panels whilst in the UK the figure remains only a tiny fraction of this. However, our environment is changing on an almost daily basis and SIPs are now beginning to make a bigger impact within the construction industry as self builders and developers strive to find economic and energy efficient alternatives to the more traditional methods in order to comply with the ever tightening Building Regulation requirements for improved U values and air tightness.

It is a widely held belief in the building industry that structural insulated panels will become the timber frame of tomorrow. This is a quite logical deduction since the principles behind their design considerations are similar and the cost and speed of erection and structural and thermal performance of the SIP are ahead of almost any current alternative. Whether a major developer or self builder, the way we build new houses, schools, offices and even extensions, garden rooms etc is therefore now finally beginning to change and with the benefits of offsite construction being increasingly recognised, structural insulated panels are rapidly becoming one of the most innovative building materials of the future and are increasingly being specified as a means for achieving the requisite Sustainable Development Codes.

As a primary UK manufacturer for over 30 years, we can produce and supply structural insulated panels from a range of suitable material combinations, most commonly EPS or PU foam insulating cores with OSB faces, though if required with additional finish facings to specification. Plywood, cement board, or even pre-coated aluminium, steel or other metal or plastic based decorative facing laminates are just some options we provide.

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